Prosapia Esport enters the world of esports with former professional footballer Nicklas Bendtner as owner. The former center forward is famous for his years in clubs such as Arsenal, Juventus and others, while playing more than 80 caps for the Danish national team. The organization with base in Denmark presents a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team with 5 young players with the goal of performing in both Danish and international tournaments. 

The 5 talented players in question are between the age of 16-19 and they have been chosen because of their current level of willpower, determination and talent - but also because they have unsolved potential that we believe can be advanced within the Prosapia Esports organization. 

Prosapia Esport has a long-term goal to establish ourselves in the development of young talents-this process requires time, patience and stability. We expect that this initiative will have a beneficial effect, not just for the players and staff but also for the further development of the Prosapia Esports organization.